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About Me

A picture of Kt in Belgium
A picture of Kt holding a baguette
A picture of Kt on the Isle of Skye

Hello, splendid to meet you!

 Hello, I'm Kt! I have fallen head over heels in love with traveling, and desperately wish to spend the rest of my days adventuring. 

 My grandparents are British and moved to the US in their twenties. So really, it's no wonder I have been encapsulated with moving to England my entire life, and my first international trip was to London. My grandfather is from Southend-On-Sea, which is a quaint sea town in Essex, and my grandmother grew up in the heart of London. Our family's history really begins in Great Wolford, which is a lovely, but incredibly small area in the Cotswolds. The graveyards are filled to the brim with Fletcher's, and on my solo trip I spent way too much time prancing about in the rain giving my condolences.  

​We grew up hearing about their English exploits, so naturally when the opportunity arose for a trip to London, I sprang at the chance. My brother and I went with our school, both teenagers at the time, and truly fell in love with the piss poor weather and British culture. We got to do all the classic tourist things; tour the Tower of London, confuse the Tower bridge for London bridge, see Big Ben, miss the tube, swear about oyster cards, and even take in several West End shows. I was finally home, London. Or someday at least. 

​The next trip was longer, an even greater adventure. This time my sister came with me, and we started in Sheffield. Our cousin Glenn who lives in the most beautiful house, and is alive and well, but near a graveyard, welcomed us in with a piping hot cup of Yorkshire Tea. Now, I'll add this here, because of his doing I’m a snob when it comes to tea, strong Northern Yorkshire Tea is better than the weak stuff they serve in Southern England. After Sheffield the whirlwind began. True love began in Scotland, seeing the Scottish Highlands for the first time is unlike anything I've ever experienced before, and even as I write this my very soul bursts with joy at the memory. We moved on to Dublin, where watching two drunk men play the Irish fiddle with fiendish talent was just the first night. For the entire UK, I could write a novel, but for your sake, we are moving on to Europe. In Paris, our excitement carried us through the entire city in a single day, we ate only baguettes, and couldn't be happier. Florence was filled with dancing in the streets, and endless staircases to days I wished had been endless. We made it Barcelona, and were swept off our feet by Gaudi, even though he'd been dead for quite some time. And finally, our last stop, London once more, nice to be home, or someday at least.


Next time, I went to England alone. Well, mostly alone at least, I spent 2 months running about, and my sister popped over occasionally during early October and late November. I'd been talking about a solo trip to England for years, and finally in Autumn of 2022 I had my chance. Terrified I boarded my plane, got off, bought a damn oyster card, missed the tube (some things never change), and finally got to Sheffield. I spent the next two weeks somewhere between absolute bliss and petrified. Many life lessons were learned in Wales, and castles, especially Conwy, will forever be dear to my heart. My sister popped over for a week so we could meet the faeries on the Isle of Skye and wreak havoc in London. Then I was at it alone again, this time scourging Cornwall for pirates. After no luck with pirates, I made haste to the Cotswolds to say hello to some relatives. This is where I spent way too much time in the graveyards, gallivanting in the rain. For the next leg of my trip, I popped over to Belgium, where the magical Bruges stole my heart. Then, my sister met me in Germany and for two weeks we got to enjoy all the wonders of the Christmas Markets, and my favorite Krampusnacht. 

Noticeably I have come to love travel and hope to pursue this the rest of my life. The next big trip I’m planning is to Jordan, as Petra is invading my dreams these days. Another clear theme is my desire to live in London, well really my dream is simply to become a UK citizen and be able to jet set to all 7 continents.

I also hope to help other’s travel, I want everyone to be able to experience the feeling of the Scottish Highlands or the joy of swearing at an oyster card. Currently I am in the trial phase of opening my own business, so if you are interested in planning an international, or even regional trip with me, please send me an email and we can work out a deal.

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