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I hope to help fellow travelers, and those new to traveling have an adventure and experience something they never thought possible. 

As a current student in the Masters of Tourism Management program at CSU, I strive to be on the forefront of innovative ideas and continuously work hard to better myself in the hospitality industry. With a BS in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University, and a variety of previous kitchen positions I have experience in high-pressure situations, adapting to my environment, and constantly pushing myself to learn new skills. Shifting to a new venture in tourism, I am excited to apply these skills to the future. Traveling abroad the last few years has really opened my eyes to the impact this industry has, and all the beauty there is to explore. I hope to help others achieve meaningful travel experiences and make remarkable memories.

I am currently working towards becoming an independent travel agent, and have worked with a few clients so far. I am currently seeking new clients who are interested in international travel, and would be open to negotiating on  prices or participating in collaborations in exchange for services. 

My Gallery

Here are a few pictures from my past travels, many more to come...


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